We have the knowledge, experience and trusted contacts in aviation to create a network that is ever expanding. 

Some people say “private jet”, others “private plane”, some use the brand names such as Cessna, Lear jet or Gulf stream. We term all these  Private Aircraft and we provide Aircraft ownership solutions to those that need it.

Aircraft ownership solutions

Acquiring a business jet.

Acquiring a business jet or private aircraft is not as simple as walking into a car showroom and choosing the colour and model then waiting for delivery. There are so many steps to be taken and in the right order, and not every player in the sequence knows what needs to come next. Hermes Aviation Consulting is there to provide a seamless link through the part or the whole process. Hermes Aviation Consulting is simply linking in the services that are necessary to achieve the goal of the owner, whether a corporate entity or an individual. Hermes Aviation Consulting performs, if you wish, a form of concierge service.

Typical concerns of clients looking to purchase a private aircraft.

The primary concerns are “What do I need to do now”, “What are my options” and “Who should I contact”. The most common concern, particularly with a first-time buyer for example, is what type of aircraft to purchase and what are the acquisition costs.

Hermes Aviation Consulting in this case would discuss requirements in great detail and offer advice and expertise to help create a shortlist.

By looking at factors such as his or her usage of the aircraft, budget, personal requirements and expectations. We would suggest types and models of aircraft to best suit both budget and requirements in order to meet expectations. This selection is perhaps the most important of all and to be able to offer a choice of different types and models for the client to select and view.

Financing a private aircraft purchase.

Hermes Aviation Consulting is able to assist on how to select the best option for the client from different lenders and assist the clients in that process. Organising the viewing, the making of an offer, the legal niceties of an Aircraft Purchase Agreement and, if it is a pre-owned aircraft, whether it can be re-registered successfully to another aircraft register, which is not always so straight forward.

What do you need to make the right choices?

Not a long list but a carefully chosen detailed short list of targeted options, each one carefully noted explained and identified. Hermes Aviation Consulting can and does provide not only answers to the clients’ concerns but also provides the solutions together with the detail, whatever the concern.

Private Aircraft Registration.

Concerns as to which aircraft registry is best, again, not always at the forefront of a buyers mind when looking at initially purchasing an aircraft. this is however of paramount importance. Concerns as to legal advice during the sales process and sale closing as bad advice can be very, very costly and difficult to put right.

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