Hermes Aviation Consulting provides a full turnkey service which we call a private aviation concierge service.

What is a Private Aviation Concierge Service.


As a premier private aviation concierge service Hermes Aviation Consulting can provide solutions and help resolve situations for operators, owners, individuals and companies.  We provide an extra pair of hands to get to the core of any problems, seek the solution then go and provide it back to the source.

Hermes Aviation Consulting uses the wealth of experience and expertise of its team to source solutions and then provide the answers to fix it.


We may not be able guarantee to find a a Gazpacho du Pulpe for a passenger’s starter at five minutes notice but we will make sure it is available in the future.

David Briggs Wilson

Our Vision.

Our vision is to become your “go to” people whatever your requirement may be. The world of private aviation is littered with obstacles and we aim to smooth the pathway for our clients. We understand the complexities as well as the need for the most efficient and comfortable travel.

We can offer services relating to the upkeep and maintenance of your aircraft to the detailing and the services provided on board.

Choose Hermes Aviation Consulting as your private aviation concierge service throughout your journey of buying, selling and owning an aircraft.

With all the years I have spent in private aviation there is not much I haven’t seen. Our aim is to be there to provide the right service just at the right time.     Chris Oldfield

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