As with any business the expertise comes from the attitude and expertise of the people involved.

David Briggs Wilson and Chris Oldfield bring many years of aviation experience to the table. This is invaluable when it comes to the private aircraft business.


Available and approachable people

Our team are available to you when you need them, and we are not just saying that.

Seamless linking

Hermes Aviation Consultants are here  to provide a seamless link through the whole process or even part of the process. We are simply linking the services that are necessary to achieve the goal of the owner, whether a corporate entity or an individual. Hermes Aviation Consulting performs, if you wish, a form of aviation concierge service.

Making mistakes can be costly

Because of the complexity of the process it is possible to make mistakes, if trying to navigate this process without help. The mistakes can cause time delays, which can be costly. We can however prevent costly and time consuming errors in the process.



A great collaboration is formed when like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, achieve amazing results. A sense of co-operation engenders feelings of togetherness and empathy encouraging long-term relationships where trust is the key driver. 
The pathway to success is strewn with many obstacles. Our job is to navigate you around these barriers. We are your trusted partners. Chris Oldfield

David Briggs Wilson

David Briggs-Wilson was born and brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire the youngest of three children. After leaving school he continued his education graduating with an HND in Mechanical & Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture whereupon he joined the Merchant Navy as an engineering officer to travel the world.

Having experienced the delights of the world at the slow pace of between 10 and 12 knots on board ships, he left the Mercantile Marine for the faster pace of the Royal Air Force. After being commissioned his engineering skills were furthered and he was given the opportunity of embarking on flying training. After completing his training David flew on various operational squadrons.

Retiring from the Royal Air Force David entered a different world of aviation moving from fast jet fighters to the world of general aviation.  He has held a number of senior positions in business aviation including over 10 years of active multi aircraft operations and management before turning his attention to Hermes Aviation Consulting.

Chris Oldfield

Chris Oldfield

Having graduated with an astronomy degree Chris moved to the USA. There he gained his multi-engine commercial pilot’s licence. The next four years were spent flying ad-hoc commercial operations throughout the Caribbean and Central America using a variety of aircraft including the Beech Super King Air and Embraer Bandeirante.

Upon his return to the UK Chris took up a position as an aviation insurance broker in the City of London and spent the next ten years managing the risk portfolios for a number of European airlines including major flag carriers. He then moved into the credit derivative markets working for a leading French bank before finally striking out on his own to set up as an independent aviation consultant.

This newest venture sees Chris working as Commercial Manager at Hermes Aviation Consulting which was the inspiration of David Briggs-Wilson. Both David and Chris share the same vision which is to initiate and nurture long-term relationships with their clients, managing every aspect of their aviation portfolio.

Chris lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and four-year-old daughter.