Our background is rooted in private air travel having years of experience as an operator and management company

We use our knowledge, our experience and our trusted contacts to create a network that is ever expanding. 

We have all seen from our individual experiences where things can and do go wrong. We can provide advice on matters from logistics to catering, to soft furnishings, to technical assistance in faraway places.

Simple solutions to complex problems.

Experience is a great background to have, it is not infallible, but it goes a very long way to creating a simple solution to an often complex problem.

Knowing the right people.

We know and trust our partners, we put all the parts together, connecting the dots and making each project big or small work. We ensure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, the price correct and the down time honoured. In summary we are time served and success driven aviation experts at your disposal.

Making things happen.

Getting things to happen in the right order at the correct time is important in making life easier. We have done this many times and have the experience of many transactions to call on when things don’t go entirely to plan.


‘The pathway to success is strewn with many obstacles. Our job is to navigate you around these barriers. We are your trusted partner.

Solving Problems

The Hermes Aviation Consulting concept is constantly evolving and provides solutions to problems, here is an example:

A client, an importer and sole concessionaire of prestigious champagne and wines, wished to expand into the aviation market, but how? We know from experience that business aircraft owners enjoy fine wines and champagnes both on the ground and in the air. 

First, we contacted specialist catering companies who provide the food and beverages for business aircraft, together with the FBO’s where the aircraft operate from. From this we marketed our client providing an opportunity for our caterer, FBO and client to attend an evening of fine wine tasting. This expanded to other ancillary, but equally important upmarket specialist beverage suppliers to participate. In addition, a bespoke interior soft furnishing designer joined to participate in the evening. Not only have we provided a solution to our original client’s problem of entering into the aviation market but also provided a showcase evening for others each one complimentary to the other. What better problem solving is this?

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