A great collaboration is formed when like-minded individuals, sharing a common vision, develop trust and achieve the best results. 

Hermes Aviation Consulting

Hermes Aviation Consulting  – What we do

We steer our clients through the complexities of purchase and ownership of all types of private aircraft. With this we include private jets, private planes and helicopters.

We use our knowledge, our experience and our trusted contacts to create a network that is ever expanding. That is the very core of Hermes Aviation Consulting.

Hermes Aviation Consulting is dedicated to serve all stakeholders in the business of private aviation and general aviation, whether an owner, operator, FBO (Fix base operator), caterer, flight crew, broker, MRO (Maintenance repair organisation), OEM (Original equipment manufacturer), interior designer or provider and so the list is almost endless.  Whatever is within and on the outside of an aircraft from a simple single piston to a complex multi-engine business jet, Hermes Aviation Consulting is here to assist you in closing the loop and providing the answer to the question you didn’t know about. A dedicated Aviation concierge service, for you to mix and match, or even cherry pick.

Acquiring a private aircraft

Acquiring a business aircraft is not as simple as walking into a car showroom and choosing the colour and model then waiting for delivery. There are so many steps to be taken and in the right order, and not every player in the sequence knows what needs to come next.

Hermes Aviation Consulting is there to provide a seamless link through the whole process or even part of the process. Hermes Aviation Consulting is simply linking in the services that are necessary to achieve the goal of the owner, whether a corporate entity or an individual. Hermes Aviation Consulting performs, if you wish, a form of concierge service. It can however prevent costly and time consuming errors in the process.

We are here to help

We are open for business whoever you are, give us a call to chat, to discuss whatever it is and we can work together. We speak aviation as well as a couple of other languages and our word is our bond. We seek only honest and trusted partners to fulfil our obligations.

This is our preferred way of working – We hope it is yours too.

We are here to serve those looking to buy a private plane, private jet, helicopter or whatever is needed – even to help discover what exactly is needed.