We constantly acquire new aircraft to display on our inventory online.

We send monthly updates to preferred customers with advanced sale information.

Hermes Aviation Consulting – Our Private Aircraft Inventory

The aircraft transaction process requires real-time and future market data, including current trends, market research and a network of relationships to successfully bring together qualified buyers and sellers.

Our Inventory lists are split into two:
• Business/Private aircraft for sale;
• Aircraft and engine spare parts.

These listings are made up from owners, OEM’s, MRO’s and Brokers who have conferred the right of sale to Hermes Aviation Consulting to market to our client base.

Every item on our inventory exists and is available for sale to any bone-fide interested party; just simply contact us for full details.

Where we source aircraft for our private aircraft inventory 

Our range of private planes, private jets and helicopters come from all parts of the world. If you are looking for a specific model we can help source it. If you are unsure what will work best for you, we can help narrow down the search.

If you’re looking for a specific jet model or special features, our experienced sales team can help find the perfect fit within our network of private sellers. We can even help customise the specification to give you exactly what you want.

Be the First to learn about the newest acquisitions available 

Each month we publish an update to our clients, if you wish to receive this list please add your details below or call us and ask to be added. Data protection is important to us and we will need you to authorise us to keep you informed.

Buying, selling and owning private aircraft

At Hermes Aviation Consulting we are very serious about selling aircraft. We look at the relationships we build in our initial interactions as a long and fulfilling business relationship. For many of our clients we manage the aircraft and they would not dream of changing aircraft unless they have talked to us first.

Matching the needs and expectations of our clients.

We excel in sourcing specific types of aircraft for buyers, and identifying exactly which type of aircraft is best for an individual or business. This will depend on capacity, cost, range and a myriad of other functional and comfort factors.

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