Let us look after your Private Aircraft Maintenance and Storage requirements.

For Private jets, helicopters and all private aircraft.

Ongoing and regular maintenance.

Now having acquired your goal and the aircraft of your dreams you have to keep it.  As with any complex machine, it needs to be kept well maintained.  Hermes Aviation Consulting can help provide the optimal service by offering a wide range of possibilities and solutions to meet our client’s requirements. Whether from a twin turbo-prop to a complex multi engine private jet. Hermes Aviation Consulting will work with the client to place the aircraft into the right Maintenance programme. With an organisation that has all the correct certification, authorisation and experience to maintain the aircraft and keep it in an airworthy condition 365 days of the year. Having the right MRO (Maintenance and repair organisation) is key to a stress free life, getting this wrong can be costly and create inconvienience. Hermes Aviation Consulting can suggest maintenance programmes that help smooth out the budget whether an OEM product or a third party Hermes Aviation Consulting will guide you to the right solution for your needs and requirements.

Private Aircraft Storage or Parking.

Storage relates to where you keep your private aircraft when you are not flying around in it. Looking at where it is kept will be a consideration when you are purchasing the aircraft. It will need to be in proximity to where you will be traveling from regularly. We can help advise and negotiate terms and costs of the storage.

If you are arriving by private jet and want to park it somewhere until you depart, storage costs will apply. The concept is similar to car parking fees, you pay for a parking space for the aircraft. So, for a stopover between flights, storage costs will be added to the jet price.

Why come to Hermes Aviation Consulting.

The whole process of planning the full turn key operation can be dealt with by our team. We know all the elements you need to consider and can give alternatives which may be cost related, operational options or most often both.

Finding the right place to keep a private aircraft.

Anyone who has owned a private aircraft knows that finding the right place to keep it can be tricky. In fact, this job is likely much more involved than any first-time buyers ever imagine. Obtaining financing, finding insurance, hiring a crew, arranging maintenance, even redoing the interior and paint job are likely all high on their list of things to do. But placing a roof over the new plane is often just an afterthought. Hermes Aviation Consulting know the right people to talk to around the world to help find the perfect home.

Airport Fees at Launch and Landing Sites.

Hermes Aviation Consulting are able to help with considering Airport costs which are incurred at both the take-off and landing sites. Airport fees enable usage of the airfield for both take-off and landing as well as the facilities and luggage belt. Some locations also charge an air passenger tax depending on the route covered. An entry fee may also be charged depending on the country.

Airport Clearance Charges.

There are special handling companies working on the ground who are responsible for refuelling and cleaning the jets, maintaining crew lounges and operating ground transport for passengers. All of these services are covered in a fee which is negotiated once again we can help with this.