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Cessna Citation I/SP For sale

  • Cessna Citation I/SP
  • Cabin: Executive 9 Pax
  • AFTTSN: 6,632 hrs
  • (Engine 1) TTSN: 1,370 hrs
  • (Engine 2) TTSN: 1,370 hrs
  • Features: RVSM; Wing Mod; TAWS; SATCOM;
  • Thrust Reversers; Freon A/C; EMP; ADS-B


Cessna Citation I/SP For sale

The Cessna Citation I/SP for sale, This aircraft pioneered the entry level light business jet market, their success forming the basis for the largest family of corporate jets in the world. This small-cabined aircraft has lower per-mile direct operating costs and offers a smooth flight with comfortable seating.



Location KMQJ Indianapolis Regional Airport, IN – USA



  • Cessna Citation I/SP
  • Cabin: Executive 9 Pax
  • AFTTSN: 6,632 hrs
  • Engine 1: TTSN: 1,370 hrs
  • Engine 2: TTSN: 1,370 hrs
  • Features: RVSM; Wing Mod; TAWS; SATCOM;
  • Thrust Reversers; Freon A/C; EMP; ADS-B



  • AFTT: 6,632 hrs
  • CSN: 4,675



  • Williams FJ44-2A
  • Maintenance Program:   Williams International – TAP – Elite
  • SN: 116017 (Engine 1), 116022 (Engine 2)
  • TTSN: 1,370 hrs (Engine 1), 1,370 hrs (Engine 2)
  • TBOH:  4,000 hrs (Engine 1),  4,000 hrs (Engine 2)
  • TCSN: 1,130 (Engine 1), 1,125 (Engine 2)



  • ADF: Dual Collins ADF-60
  • A/P: Sperry SPZ-500 IFCS
  • Avionics: Garmin
  • Comms Radios: Dual Garmin GTN-750W
  • Compass: Dual Sperry C-14D
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-40
  • EFIS: Garmin G600
  • F/D: Sperry SPZ-500 5-inch single cue IFCS
  • Flt Phone: Wulfsberg VI
  • Flight Rules: IFR
  • GPS: Dual Garmin GTN-750W
  • HF: King KHF-950
  • HSI: Sperry RD-044 4-inch; Sperry RD-650 5-inch single cue
  • Nav Radios: Dual Garmin GTN-750W
  • RadAlt: Collins ALT-50A
  • RMI: Dual Collins RMI-30
  • SATCOM: AirCell ST-3100 Iridium
  • TAWS: BFGoodrich TAWS-8000
  • TCAS: BFGoodrich Skywatch HP SKY-899
  • Transponder: Dual Garmin
  • Wx Radar: Honeywell RDR-2000VP Colour



  • Cockpit: ADS-B Out; dual Avtech audio panels; remote course and heading index;
  • AD650A ADI; altitude alerting & reporting; altitude pre-selector;
  • Vertical or IAS hold; J.E.T. emergency gyro; Shadin ADC-2000 air data computer; Artex ELT; AoA with indexer; D SAT/TAS model 2600 display; Keith Products gear warning horn silence switch; dual Davtron clocks; independent electronic control units.
  • Modification: Sierra Eagle wing mod
  • Crew Accessories: Heads Up Technologies CMS-400 voice checklist; Jeppesen ChartView;
  • Map case; Rosen sunvisors
  • Equipment: Thrust reversers; lead acid battery; extended life brakes; 64 cubic foot oxygen system; EROS oxygen masks; ZFW increase; aft baggage mod; extended-range wing fuel tanks.
  • Lights: Wingtip recognition; strobe; rudder-mounted rotating beacon; emergency locator beacon.



  • Rating: 8
  • Configuration: Executive/ 9 pax
  • A/C: Freon
  • General: Tan leather interior
  • Seating: Desert tan leather seating; RS barrel couch; dual aft-facing club seats; aft 3-place Citation divan; folding seat
  • Carpet: Caramel
  • Refreshment: Forward LS refreshment centre
  • Cabinetry: Cherry oak wood cabinetry; accents; executive table;
  • Accessories: Aft LS; RS dividers with privacy curtain; divan headrests
  • Storage: RS lounge storage draw; five under seat storage draws
  • Lavatory: Forward



  • Rating: 8
  • Colours: White with burgundy; platinum accents



  • Airframe Program: Low Utilisation Program
  • Airframe Tracking: Sierra Trax
  • Certification(s): RVSM
  • Damage History: Acft ran off r/w   at Wallace May 2005. Minor damage only.


  • Sierra FJ44 Eagle II modification c/w LE/RE: 4th April 2004 at 5,218TT. New Garmin avionics installed; full cockpit panel refurbishment undertaken by Indy Jet as reported Oct 2015. New brakes and tyres installed Aug 2012. Phase extension program available.


  • Ramp 12,650 lbs; MGTOW 12,500 lbs; MLW 11,350 lbs; ZFW 9,500 lbs; Fuel 4,510 lbs; Empty 7,612 lbs; Useful Load: 5,035 lbs.

Citation I/SP For sale

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