When it comes to service providers we have all aspects of private aircraft ownership covered.

Aviation Services

Our range of services is ever expanding and we are linked with a team of experts around the world that will make your journey in private aviation run smoothly. Our range of services is divided into three sections, but if it is in the field of private aviation – just ask.

The service has expanded to being a go-to company for consultation in aircraft aquasition. We advise on which specification meets your needs and consider the practical aspects of keeping and maintaining the aircraft. We have been doing this for many years, and it is a pleasure to be able to help owners acquire the best aircraft they can.



Buying a private jet is a complex process which we can simplify with our experience and know how. This includes both the purchase, sale and the ongoing servicing of all private aircraft. Corporate private jets, luxury private planes, and helicopters.


Service and ownership

We are essentially a company with solutions in private aviation.  Within our aviation world we excel at making things happen. We offer intelligent solutions for those looking to acquire and own a private jet, a corporate private plane or a helicopter. Entering our field is exciting but also can be frustrating as there is a lot to consider. We see our job as making sure the purchase is right. However it doesn’t stop there we then make sure owning the aircraft is a straight forward and pleasurable experience.

Bespoke services

The very nature of our customers is to demand the very best, sometimes this involves personalising a private aircraft, changing the exterior or interior. We work with a team of specialists to make sure your expectations are met. Examples are:

  • Bespoke interiors to meet your requirements
  • On board services and service providers
  • Bespoke exteriors
  • Passenger transfer requirements

Your partner in aviation.

Hermes Aviation Consulting becomes your partner on the journey of private aircraft ownership.

More and more companies are realising that the use of business aircraft is an essential tool in their business plans. Today taking a business trip to an international destination can be so much easier.

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